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Barbara and I feel its dividing tug in our relationship when we have disagreements and misunderstandings.Our busyness repeatedly invites its presence into our marriage.Your marriage can be disabled by boredom and apathy, and even die from emotional malnutrition and neglect. The dictionary will tell you that isolation is "the condition of being alone separated, solitary, set apart," but I like what our daughter Ashley said once when she slipped into my study to ask me what I was writing about. When isolation infects a marriage, a husband and a wife exclude each other. Because of the alarming number of couples in good marriages who are unaware of this problem, I must state forcefully a sobering truth: The soul was not created to live solo.When you're excluded, you have a feeling of distance, a lack of closeness, and little real intimacy. We yearn for intimacy, and marriage is where we hope we'll find it. Telltale signs of isolation Barbara and I have seen this death of hope occur in the marriage of some friends.But at the weekend they recognized they had a problem.They realized they needed to take steps toward oneness as a couple by biblically resolving conflict, listening to each other, and making God the Builder of their home.After a brief honeymoon, they packed up their belongings and moved to a new city.On the two-day drive to their new home, they began to notice their differences. Initially, the birth of their first child seemed to bring them back together.

Had this couple not attended a Family Life Weekend to Remember® getaway, their marriage might have continued its spiral farther into isolation and, ultimately, divorce.May I recommend three important choices you need to make?: Resolve never to go to bed angry with each other.We were not meant to be alone in the most intimate human relationship God created.Choose today to move toward warmth in each other and away from the chill of isolation. Statistical Abstract of the United States, 119th Edition, 114. Philip Zimbardo, Psychology Today, August 1980, 71-76.

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